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CABERNET JAC Q-83739 is by *LIL HOLLYWOOD JAC (by Hollywood Jac)


AQHA Registration

American Quarter Horse Assoc registered, Australian Quarter Horse Registered, Australian Appaloosa Association Approved & Australian Paint Horse Assoc Approved. 5 Panel N/N, N/MYHM. Colour test- see below.

Aka- Ali, is a very well mannered horse right from the moment we bought him as a 7mth colt to serving mares or riding in a clinic. He is handled easily by Michael & Stacey. Loves his baths and rolls in the sand, enjoys liberty training with his master, Michael, and is always happy to give kids pony rides. He is responsive, and willing, he has attended cutting clinics in Tasmania and some reining workshops & with the many people in the industry who have met him, they comment how well behaved, quiet and stunning he is. A handful of top Australian trainers have ridden him on their visit saying how responsive he is to cue and easy pleaser. These traits are passed on to his foals, they are human seeking animals with calmness about them.

Cabernet Jacs colour is a Grulla, which technically is a black dun. We do not colour test our own mares (as we are not breeding for colour but we can say that he has produced us around 90% duns, 10% solid colour (2 bays, 1flaxen, 1 black)

Agouti (ASIP gene): a a (two copies non-bay)
Cream (SLC45A2 gene): n n (negative for cream)
Dun and d1 (TBX3 gene): D n (positive for dun, one copy)
Red/black (MC1R gene): E e (one copy black, one copy red)

If you want to predict foal colours, Get your mare colour tested then try the Animal Genetics coat colour calculator here: https://www.animalgenetics.us/equine/ccalculator1.asp

We offer a stud fee $1650.00 plus handling fee for Cabernet Jac to approved mares only at this point in time. We do not yet offer Semen Collection from this stud.

Young stock available annually.


Information about his sire: LIL HOLLYWOOD JAC https://www.crownkstud.com/lil-hollywood-jac

IMA GUNNER Q-78157 is by COLONELS SMOKING GUN out of Skeets Remedy IMP Q-59000

2011 CHESTNUT STALLION 14.3hh (unofficial measurement)

AQHA Registration

IMA GUNNER is Registered AQHA. Registered AmericanQHA. Approved by Australian Paint Horse Assoc. 5 panel N/N.

He is liver chestnut, he has 3 white socks, a white blaze that falls past is eye level on off side, and two blue eyes. Ima Gunner is by the famous Colonels Smoking Gun (Information about his sire-Gunner, click here) known for his extreme abilities in Reining and passing on this talent to his offspring. Ima Gunner has many off spring of which 90% have a blue eye and bling, his foals show a quiet temperament and fast learning and wanting to please desires.

We will consider standing him to limited outside mares in 2024. Fee $1650 plus handling fee. Agistment available.

We have 2023 foals by Ima Gunner for inspection & for sale. See Sale Barn

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