Anroc Gunners My Daddy

Published by Stacey on

As Freyja [Anroc Gunners My Daddy], embarks on her voyage to her new abode, I step indoors and take a seat to make this post.

It warms the heart to witness a deserving family welcome Freyja into their world. Our heartfelt congratulations extend to Nicole & Elliot, who made this huge decision to embrace a young horse Freyja from the moment she graced our land with her presence. Their clear vision for the foal they sought was evident. Right from the instant Freyja set foot on the earth, they recognized her as the one. To my husband’s sheer amazement, on the very morning of Freyja’s birth, I walked in and shouted, “Behold, Our beautiful maiden mare, Cheese, had a filly! And she’s [the foal] found her new home!”

So off into the world, young Freyja, you go!

We loved every moment we spent with you.

Take care x