Virtual Learning in Horsemanship

Journey with Stacey and become a member of her online learning

This online learning platform that Stacey has built over the last two years, with over 250 videos & more weekly, will guide you through the fundamentals of natural horsemanship, a gentle and effective approach to working with horses that emphasizes communication, trust, and respect.

Members of this group are given VIP only access to “Members Days”, All members enjoy Staceys one on one commitment to you by offering video tutorials and options for coaching (fee applies). All members are added to a private messenger chat group, a private fb page for some interesting facts and inspiring stories & once a month group video chit chat calls.

You’ll learn how to connect with your horse on a deeper level, read their body language, and communicate effectively using natural cues and signals. Through a series of hands-on exercises and demonstrations, you’ll develop the skills and confidence to become a more effective and empathetic horse handler. (no horse required, if you are just starting your journey. Or simply be a member of support only. All welcome)

Whether you’re a beginner or rekindling your skills, Stacey’s natural horsemanship online learning & members days are the perfect opportunity to deepen your connection with horses and take your horsemanship skills to the next level. Oh and you will meet some amazing new friends too! (note this is seperate from the service Stacey provides called Virtual Coaching)

How does the membership work?

Using the app Stacey has developed a library of posts, videos & info. You will see once you browse the platform that you can join the Horsemanship Club Tier for $5/mth this will unlock all videos and posts Stacey has in the library. You are not locked into anything when you become a member so you can jump out or in anytime or cancel completely anytime. (Note: membership is drawn on the 1st of every month)

Click on this button to read more about whats on offer and get started on your journey.

What members say…

I wanted to get back into horses and didn’t know where to start, I stumbled across Anroc farms, when looking into horses as they breed them. Then I found out they do lessons!!!!

I joined up to Stacey’s Patreon group and found some more like minded people, like me also getting back into riding and wanting to learn more about how to get back into it and horse language. This group and page, gave me insight about training not only my horse but myself, with support.

Stacey is literally the most supportive person around and super knowledgeable. I constantly pick her brains daily, haha! Stacey and Mick are warm and welcoming, basically have adopted them as my family.

If you need help with any training, support by being provided lots of information about horse language and bonding, then this is for you. You will learn an abundance of knowledge while making friends.

I get to learn amazing things to do with horses and riding, I have learnt a lot of western riding and training in natural horsemanship, I can in return use this knowledge on my horses. I love training an I love these days an wish their was more off. I have been attending for ages now an have used the skills and knowledge learnt on my horses an it works!

Building community. Meeting new horses and ponies. Sharing experiences and knowledge. Prioritising connection and confidence between horses and humans xo Hannah

It’s a great opportunity to network with different people I’d otherwise never meet, you get the chance to compare training styles and learn from each other’s experiences all while having heaps of fun. I think that sums it up pretty well 😊 Tigs