Our Story


Our beautiful dream came true back in 2015 when we moved to Tasmania. But I want to take you guys through the story of how Anroc QH was born.

1989, I had a 9-5 receptionist job during the week, still living at home and I wanted a weekend job with animals. So I opened the good old yellow pages and began ringing the horse studs. My dream was to work full time with horses & animals.

So first one on the list was Aquila Appaloosa Stud which happened to be Michael’s Parents.

I spoke to his mum and she handed the phone over to Michael saying he was the one who rode and cared for the horses and that I should speak to him if I wanted any work.

….. So without boring you all, I got a job with Michael and we had many horseback rides together, camping out, starting young horses, I learnt how to wean the foals, halter break, groom etc and Michael bought me my first spurs and first riding hat. I’d even quit my receptionist job (to my mothers dismay) and got an early morning job next to the horses picking carnations for the florist. So I rode the bus everyday to the horses, picked flowers until 8:30am then rode horses and saved money for my long planned europe trip, which Michael ended up joining me in December 1989.

You probably guessed, we both fell for each other as the weeks went by. It took some convincing our parents but we moved in with each other after returning from my Europe trip in 1990. We childishly wrote down our biggest dreams on a peice of paper stuck to the fridge, at this point it was always centered around our own horse stud. LOL I even drew a plan of the house, the yards and the stables.

We fell in love fast and started our family young, we travelled and lived in many towns & we always thought about horses

A few years passed and we had 1-2 horses for our pleasure but our busy lives just kept us away from riding so much. Our family was the most important focus was to watch our children grow and to send them to good schools etc. We occasionally got to a horse shows, rodeos or meet some trainer friends for catch up but with the task of  raising 4 children, our 2-3 businesses and caring for other family members, we just didn’t have the time to spare to grow our dream.

In 2014 our lives were firmly planted in WA, two businesses, 4 children half out of school half going to uni or college, 2 grand babies and we were carers for my grandmother who was living beside us. I started looking at buying property in Tasmania for an investment. I’m not sure what drew me to research another farm but i had an urge that there was change on the horizon, which there certainly was, May 2015………….something devastating and out of our control happened…….

I was diagnosed with cancer in my right eye.

So our lives did a complete halt! We were both devastated about my diagnosis as was my family, Michael asked me one day (trying to cheer me up and look ahead) what I’d like to do for our future and I said, move to our farm in Tasmania and just start our dream farm. 3 out of 4 kids were out of school and Michaels business sold quickly, so off we went!

We moved over December 2015 to our Tassie farm and have never looked back.

Today our business in horses is bang on what we planned except back then we loved Appaloosas hehehe as they were always in our family conversations. But when you want to focus on breeding anything you need to have a focus on what disciplines in general will be your passion and when we started, Michael was very keen on cow working lines and he showed me some cutting & reining videos. I was hooked and sent Michael off to Tamworth and other towns to scope for a young stud that would suit us.

That’s when we met Sue & David Williams who are very close friends and training mentors for us. 

Michael returned with a 7mth old Cabernet Jac (Ali)

So the last 7 years have been so busy developing the farm into our accommodation business Robin Hoods Well Farm Stay, buying broodmares to suit our breeding plans and breeding bees for our apiary & honey business. Michael started his horse training for clients early on in 2017 after we finished our arena and round pen. This gave him that rekindled love for his horses again and i loved seeing him ride again.

We do everything in house (Michael & I only)- handling our studs, mating season, foal care, training weanlings ready for sale, starting our young stock, pasture/feed management.

We have had the privilage to meet and work with some great trainers like Sue & David Williams, Justin Coulquin, Anthony Ross, David Norbury, Ken Green, Juliana Sheridan, Graham Cooper & Alex Cruse, not to mention some great old mates of ours in WA who have been great mentors and encouragers and helped us keep our passion for horses alive.

So, suffice to say I’m in my element, feeding and caring for our horses and riding and training myself. I love riding with my husband just like we did 32 years ago on our first rides together. We love working on our farm together and building on our dreams.

Just think….if i’d never got the courage to call that Appaloosa stud, that day, and ask for work, this adventure would not have happened and I would have not met my darling man or had our beautiful children.

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