Breeding for quality

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Breeding Quarter Horses is both a science and an art. Meticulous planning goes into selecting the right pairings to produce foals with exceptional qualities.

Our Stallions have some of the top well know bloodlines in Australia as do our mares.

This years foaling will see some pairings that we know will excite the person who loves a specky versatile animal. Come follow the journey for the 2023 foals…

Did you know?

[Stacey runs an online members group which not only caters for learning to be around horses but some members are there to be exclusive eyes on foaling season. Stacey shows all the foals births, behind the scenes video and photos of the exciting moments of foaling here at Anroc. This members platform is a paid monthly (leave whenever you want) platform. $5/mth, which intitles you to be added to a private fb group page of inspiration as well. A lovely group of people who care and support one another is how we describe Staceys members.]