When you realise your new horse is always watching you

Published by Stacey on

As I go about my work from day to day, I couldn’t help but notice Belles watchful gaze. From across the paddock, her deep, soulful eyes locked onto me with an intensity that spoke of an unspoken connection. I could be 100’s of metres away in sight, and she is locked onto me.

Even when I climb aboard our trusty tractor to tend to the fields or in my car driving down the drive, Belle remains vigilant. Her head held high, ears pricked forward, she follows my every move, as if eager to absorb every nuance of my presence. It is as if the two of us were bound by an invisible thread, transcending the barriers of language and distance.

All this matters for us to have a life long relationship of trust. I know this fixation has come from my consistency of caring for her. I know if Michael had of tended to her just as much she would have done the same with him.

I’m thankful for her & I’m grateful that she chooses me, the one to lead her in our activities we have planned.

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