About us

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Welcome to our world in the heart of Sassafras, Tasmania, where a husband and wife team has spent over 7 years here creating a life filled with adventure and purpose. We are the proud stewards of a sprawling 60-acre farm, a place where our love story continues to thrive.

Our journey together has been nothing short of extraordinary. We met each other through his families Horse Stud, which I applied for a job and got to work under the management of Michael. Yes he started out my boss, but I made sure that the roles swapped pretty quick LOL. With four adult children scattered across the globe, we’ve experienced the joys of parenthood and now revel in the love and laughter of two beautiful grandchildren.

But our story doesn’t stop there. We’ve worn many hats over the years, each venture a unique chapter in our entrepreneurial journey. From running a wholesale firewood business to tackling commercial earthmoving, delving into accounting consultancy, and nurturing the artist within as a tutor in my own studio, we’ve embraced the diversity of life’s offerings.

Today, we proudly don the hats of farmers and hoteliers, tending to our farm’s vibrant ecosystem and welcoming guests from all over. We’ve even added beekeeping to our repertoire, a sweet addition to our already thriving homestead.

Our motto has always been simple: “If we stop, we drop.” We believe in constantly pushing the boundaries, exploring new horizons, and embracing the beauty of every new day. As you join us on this journey, we invite you to be a part of our ever-evolving story here in Tasmania, where the spirit of adventure and the warmth of family converge on our 60-acre haven.