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Our beautiful girl MG My Parrs Celeste has got to be one of my biggest “game changers” in my horse journey. Michael bought Holly while I was on holiday, messaging me about some mare hes found that could change my life.

I didn’t believe him as I just thought he’s making it about me so he can suck me in to buying “him” another horse LOL.

But we went ahead anyway knowing she is a riding horse and just maybe i could ride her for his peace of mind, that he did it for me LOL.

Holly arrived, she looked amazing, & id never experienced an older mare before that stayed by my side, did not instigate anything negative around me, she let me bath her, take her anywhere, shed walk onto the float by herself. All these “little girl dreams’ I had were suddenly in my lap.

Holly and I went onto discover my first reining clinics & enter my first reining classes at the shows. Holly always kindly showed me where I need to be without any fuss. in fact the only one thing she showed me that wasnt her cup of tea was heading the direction of home on a trail, which we tried a few times. shed turn into a beautiful athletic racehorse and want to beat the wallabies & cockatoos homes LOL. And that was ok with me because i know that she is so clever at everything else she doesn’t have to be perfect.

2020 came along for Hollys time to shine in our breeding program. We took her age into consideration (20) and her health and though now while she is still in peak condition we should try for a foal.

She went on to foal ACE by Ima Gunner, a beautiful solid boy and then Maisie his full sibling the following year. What a mum she is!

Holly is just the right temperament to hold the herd and just enough mum to nurture her foals but let them become bold to the world.

She is just enough mare to make me so proud. Love you Holly Lolly.

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